About Us

The best construction company
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We bring the technical knowledge,
experience and resourcefulness.
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We stay professional and pragmatic
and find the best solutions.


We incorporate the Whole Building Design and Build methodology based on a holistic approach for design & construction and for that reason we pursue a synergistic partnership between customer, consultant and builder. From the inception of the customer’s idea to successful realization we bring our innovative thinking, unrivaled experience and strategic relationships to work for you.

Our  buildings solutions also embrace the value of sustainable or Green Building as a system rather than a collection of components.  Such collaboration combined with a holistic construction strategy is sine qua non for LEED certification. A number  of LEED certified industrial buildings for our customers.

Our expertise provide value to customers through improved human health and productivity, lower operating costs and resource efficiency. We believe our work in partnership with visionary customers is helping to move us all closer to a sustainable future.


ICDL is committed to attain continual improvement in building construction,

          project management and related services. We endeavor to increase

 our market segment, satisfy our customers by

  delivering projects on time and to the expected quality while adhering to  all

 applicable legal and compliance  requirements.


We provide a framework for establishing strategic direction and

periodically review our quality objectives for continuing suitability

through sustainable development in the  context of

the company’s business.